Hello World, my name is Andreas Barhainski. I am an UX Designer, Concept Developer, Art Director & Creative Director based in Berlin. I love to fill communication with creativity. I don’t just do advertising, but I find solutions for my clients – no matter which channel or media. My expertise reaches from classic and online advertising over mobile applications to social media. I have a strong passion for creative solutions and a good eye for outstanding design.

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Color palette generator for designers in a hurry

Coolors is “the super fast color scheme generator for cool designers.” Just hit the space bar to see a new palette, and get inspired. The result page gives hex codes… Read the full article →

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The Haunted Poster – Gröna Lund Scare prank

Giant poster ads are bad enough. But they’re even worse when they suddenly come to life and attack you. As far as terrifying pranks go, this one is pretty high… Read the full article →

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Auxy – Piano Roll editor for iPad

It’s been asked over and over again: can a simpler software tool attract more people to music making? But the next question is, invariably – what’s the right stuff to… Read the full article →