Hello World, my name is Andreas Barhainski. I am an Art Director based in Berlin. I love to fill communication with creativity. I don’t just do advertising, but I find solutions for my clients – no matter which channel or media. My expertise reaches from classic and online advertising over mobile applications to social media. I have a strong passion for creative solutions and a good eye for outstanding design.

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Benny Hill theme played on a printer & how it’s done

MIDI file by Don Carroll. This old 24-pin dot matrix printer has been converted into a MIDI compatible sound generator. Up to 21 notes can be played simultaneously. It features… Read the full article →


Collaborative Cooking – PJADAD

“Collaborative Cooking” is a project initiated and created by Christian Isberg, Petter Johansson Kukacka Lasse Korsgaard and Carl Berglöf project. The project is based on a digital platform that controls and… Read the full article →



Ableton Live has become one of the foremost DAW’s for electronic music production…but creating breathtaking soundscapes and out of this world ‘drops’ aren’t the only thing it can do. Meet Nils Iver… Read the full article →